​​​​​​​Chiminea Wood  (Bag Pinon 2.25 Cu.Ft.)  
$34.95/bag or 3 bags /$85.00
Cooking Woods Available( Bagged 8- 9" Short cut logs)

            (Short Cut) $24.95/bag (2.85 cu. ft)  

Cherry-Short Cut 8-9" Logs (2.85 cu. ft.) $49.95

Cherry-(Short Cut 12-14" Logs) $49.95

Apple-(Short Cut 12-14" Logs) (2.85 cu. ft.) $49.95

​* Stairs or Steps or Ledges or Apartment Deliveries will be a Extra Charge 
**Sales Tax Not Included
***Prices Subject to change Without Notice 
 ****Call or Email for Delivery Prices in Your Area

  1. ​​Woodyard Hours
  2. I am On A Delivery Basis Only .​

I Will Be Open Again In October For Customer Pick up. Thank You!

4025 W University
McKinney,Tx 75071    (214) 597-8867

Randy's Firewood

Custom Built Firepits & Firewood Racks

Gourmet Wood Chips.Bagged and Wrapped Wood


Firewood Dallas

Firewood  Sales Firewood Delivery Dallas,Firewood McKinney,Firewood Frisco

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​New Mexico Pinion 

Now this Below Is A Excellent Buy for Some of Your Larger Chimineas and Outdoor Fireplaces and FirePits

16"-18" Pinion-$55.00/Stack  $225.00- 1/4 (4x4)(24 cu.ft.)
$375.00-1/2 Cord (4x8) (48 cu. ft.)
$595.00-Cord (2-4x8x18")(96 cu. ft.)

22"-24" Pinion- $65.00/Stack  $240.00- 1/4 (4x4)

$395.00-1/2 Cord (4x8)(64 cu.ft.)

$650.00 1- Cord (2-4x8x24")(128 cu.ft.)


​18" Cedar- $40.00/ Stack $145.00- 1/4 Cord. (4x4) $245.00- 1/2 Cord(4x8)  $395.00 1 Cord(2-4X8) 


My name is Randy. I've been cutting and selling firewood in Collin County for over 30 years .

 I offer a complete line of Firewood that includes, Oak and Pinon for your Firewood needs, and also Hickory, Pecan, and Mesquite for your Cooking needs.  I offer a customer pickup (In Season)so that you can fill your car trunks full of  Firewood or we also offer a Home or Business Delivery.  My Delivery area includes Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Plano,Prosper,Little Elm, The Colony,University Park,Highland Park,Lewisville, Dallas ,Richardson. I've been serving the Area for over 25 Yrs.

If you want the Best Firewood Available and the Best Customer Service there is.Fill out Online Form or Give Me A Call

Thank You for you Business.!

You can email me @ RandysForestProducts@yahoo.com
Call 214-597-8867

Check out this 5 star review by Jason Vinson: Great firewood selection and prices. Not to mention the phenomenal customer service you get every time!!
Randy's Firewood & Gourmet Woods
For All Your Firewood And Cooking Wood Needs. Oak, Pinion, Hickory, Pecan, Mesquite. Customer...
For All Your Firewood & Cooking Wood . Call
Firewood Frisco,Mckinney,Dallas.Delivery or Customer Pickup
Check out http://randysfirewood-produce.com! Oak,Pinon,Hickory,Pecan,Mesquite

Firewood Delivery in Dallas

For A Delivery, Or Inquiring about A Delivery. Please Call or Fill Out A Online Form. Thankyou for your Business! Randy 
My Clientele Consists Of Drive Up Customers To Restaurants, BBQ's, Campers, Competition BBQers and Residential.

**Oak, Pinon, Hickory, Pecan, Mesquite Apple,Cherry Firewood Sales/Delivery: Dallas,Frisco,The Colony,Lewisville,Plano,Richardson,Allen,Fairview,Mckinney,Little Elm,Prosper,University Park, Highland Park,Lucas, Parker,Wylie,Murphy,Anna,Van Alstyne,Weston,Celina,Flower Mound,Southlake,Colleyville,Murphy

​​Randy's Online Order Form

Cooking And Gourmet Wood

Post Oak -12 or 15"(3-4" Splits)( Excellent for Pizza Ovens) $125.00 (4x4x12"or 15") $235.00 (4x8x12'or 15") $395.00 (4x8x12-15")

Post Oak -18"

$140.00 (4x4x18") $255.00 (4x8x18") $425.00 2-(4x8x18")

​​Cherry-18"  $215.00-1/4 Cord $315.00 1/2 Cord (Temporarily Sold Out)

                    $515.00-1 Cord

​                     $55.00/Stack


Pecan-18"  $145.00- 1/4 Cord $245.00-1/2 Cord
                $395.00-1 Cord

Hickory-18" 185.00-1/4 Cord $295.00-1/2 Cord
               $495.00 1Cord

Mesquite18"  $225.00-1/4 Cord $375.00-1/2 Cord 
               $595.00- 1 Cord


Online Order Form

Below Are Picked Up Firewood Prices 

​Oak - 18"(Seasoned) 
          $135.00-1/4 Cord(4ft.x4ft.)
          $245.00-1/2 Cord (4ft.x8ft.)                              
          $395.00 -1 Cord (4ft.x16ft.)
          $40.00/Stack, Fill Your Car Trunks!



I also have Firewood Racks!!( 1 Cord,1/2 Cord and 1/4 Cord). Quality Built Racks.Fabricated From 2" Square Tubing. (Gloss Black). It will be the Last Rack You will Ever Need Submit the Online Form and I Will Deliver Rack and Firewood to your Home or Business! Custom Built Racks and Firepits Available. To your Specs. Call for a Quote. Randy@214-597-8867