Minimum Delivery is a 1/4 Cord  or (4x4) Stack. Delivery prices depends on Geographic location and Logistics . No Stairs,Steps or Ledges, Soft Ground or Soft Gravel.Randy or Randys Firewood is not liable for Ruts In Yards due to moisture .It is The Customers Resposibility to Notify if So . So that We Can be Prepared .  It Must be Wheelbarrow Accessible All the Way to where Firewood is Stacked. Firewood/ Firewood& Racks Must be Stacked within 100 ft. of where Truck/ Truck and Trailer  is Staged or Parked. Unless other Arrangements have been made.( Additional Charges May Apply )After the information is received you will be receiving a call or email to complete the Payment  Arrangements and Delivery Details. If you can not be at site upon Delivery. You can leave a check made payable to Randy's Firewood,Hidden in a Ziplock Bag. Tell me where you put it and where to put Firewood/ Firewood Rack(s). Make sure Gates are Unlocked and Pets are Secured. I will be in Contact with you A.S.A.P.( Usually within 24 hrs or Sooner) to Finalize and Get you on My Schedule

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