1 Cord Standard Rack (Left) 4'hx8wx36"d
Overall Outside Dimensions: 4'4"hx8'4"wx42"d

 Price: $379.95

1/2 Cord Texas Star Rack (Right) 4'hx4'wx18"d
Overall Outside Dimensions: 4'8"hx8'4"wx18"d

 Price: $359.95

1/4 Cord Standard Rack (Left) 4'hx4'wx18"d
Overall Outside Dimensions:4'4"hx4'4"wx18"d

Price: $239.95

1/2 Cord Standard Rack (Right) 4'hx4'wx18"d
Overall Outside Dimensions:4'4"hx8'4"wx18"d

Price: $249.95

Racks that are illustrated are fabricated in Melissa Texas(USA). Fabricated with 14 gauge 2" Square Tubing. Primed and Painted with Gloss Black Paint.
Last Rack You Will Ever Need!

I Also Offer Custom Built Racks to Your Specs.

**Star Décor can be added to any rack of your choice (Additional Charge will Apply)

Please call or email for a price quote:

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